Welcome to the lighting design & production website of Jeremy Johnson. Jeremy specializes in design for theatrical productions & performance such as plays and musicals. But his talent also reaches into the world of dance, live music and concert, and industrial events. He is based out of the New York City area, but will travel to wherever the job may be.

One of his goals is to have his work take him around the globe. Whether it’s designing shows, working on an array of different projects at the same time, doing events, or building his ever growing photography collection it’s likely that his next destination won’t be far away. (There’s a reason they call freelance lighting designers Nomads after all.)

It was when Jeremy was a freshman in high school when he realized he had a love for working behind the scenes and a passion for design. This realization came from working on a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as part of the lighting team. Since then, he has met so many incredibly talented people through his high school’s drama club and later through college. He’s very grateful to those who he has learned from early on and the mentors he continues to receive advice from since beginning his professional career as a lighting designer in 2017.

His skills include creating and painting beautiful scenes on stage with light using colored and textured light, collaborating with others, drafting in Vectorworks, managing info in Lightwright, programming with EOS & syncing cue lists with QLab, when necessary of course, via MIDI show control or OSC protocols. Professional video production, photography and editing are also part of his unique skill set.

Jeremy holds a B.A. degree in Theatre Arts Design & Technology from the State University of New York at New Paltz, and an A.S. degree in Communications and Media Arts from Dutchess Community College.

Photo by Adele Overbey